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(Not just a) Breakfast Sandwich

Time to wake up, meat lovers, and take your favourite breakfast sandwich to the next level with perfectly smoked Johnsonville sausages! Ready in minutes, this English muffin extravaganza combines a simple omelet smothered in tangy Cheddar cheese, then topped with spinach and pan-fried sausages. Now that's an eye-opener... 

Prep Time
Cook Time

What You Need


  1. Cut sausages in three on the bias and sauté the pieces in a non-stick pan until lightly browned. Set aside.

  2. Sauté spinach in olive oil with salt and pepper till wilted and set aside.

  3. Beat eggs 2 at a time. In a non-stick pan, using a little butter, make omelets and fold them in four. Keep warm.

  4. Toast English muffins.

  5. To build the sandwiches, place the spinach mixture on the bottom bun and top with egg, sausage and choice of cheese. Garnish with mayo or mustard if desired and place top bun. Serve warm. Can be enjoyed anytime of the day!