Johnsonville is a town built on sausage, for sausage and by sausage. Everything we do, everything that made us who we are today goes into every sausage we make. It’s the way we do things today and the way we’ve done things since 1945.

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Holiday Breakfast Frittatas


Everything is better in miniature and our Holiday Breakfast Frittatas prove it! These colourful and flavour-filled breakfast dishes can be customized to individual tastes or follow the recipe exactly for guaranteed holiday morning smiles. All the bre...

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Original Recipe Breakfast Sausages

Get the day off to a delicious start with the unmistakeable flavour of our special spice blend.

  • Made with only premium cuts of pork
  • Made with a proprietary spice blend since 1945
  • Made with gluten-free products
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