Johnsonville is a town built on sausage, for sausage and by sausage. Everything we do, everything that made us who we are today goes into every sausage we make. It’s the way we do things today and the way we’ve done things since 1945.

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One Skillet Sausage Penne


One pan. 5 ingredients. An easy and delicious dinner - with Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage - using the basics from your pantry. This recipe makes for a quick weekday dinner and a weekend feast - so treat yourself any time!

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Original Recipe Bratwurst Sausages

Only three people know the secret blend of spices in this family recipe, but the passion we put into it is no secret.

  • Made with only premium cuts of pork
  • Made with a proprietary spice blend since 1945
  • Made with gluten-free products
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